Sunday, May 27, 2012

St. Luke's Global City Maternity Package

Having your third child, you'd think would be such a breeze. Don't get me wrong having a child is indeed a very special blessing.  An additional family member makes it more fun and challenging.  Bringing up a child is indeed a full time job and entails a lot of responsibility.  Hat's-off to our parents for taking good care of us.

My wife gave birth to our first 2 kids via a Cesarean section, not by choice but by circumstance.  Thankfully, both deliveries were successful without complications. As the days wind down and We are nearing the delivery of our 3rd child We can't help but feel excited at the same time worried about the cost of a Cesarean Section delivery. Every year the cost of maternity care has gone up dramatically. Our first child was born at Manila Doctor's Hospital on 2006 and We ended up paying about Php 70k+, inclusive of professional fees, less Philhealth of course.  Our 2nd child was born at The Asian Hospital in Alabang last 2010. We ended up paying Php 100+, inclusive of professional fees, less Philhealth. Though they offer a maternity package, our Ob-gyne does not like using the medicines included in the package. Expecting an huge increase in the maternity cost We decided to look around for other options.

Thankfully, there is a package available at St. Luke's Medical Center Global City called the WeCare Medical Package.  For Php 98K you can avail of the package w/ 2-Bed Standard (4 Days).  For Php 94K you can also avail of the package w/ 4-bed Standard (4 Days). The WeCare package includes:

a) Use of the delivery room.
b) Post-operative Care.
c) Room and Board accommodation for four (4 Days).
   * However, please note that newborns are roomed-in with the mother.
d) Post-delivery medicines and medical supplies.
e) Medicines and medical supplies for the baby including vaccines such as:
   * Vitamin K
   * BCG
   * Hepatitis B
   * Eye ointment
f) Ancillary services for the baby such as:
   * Newborn screening
   * Hearing Test
g) Professional Fees:
   * Obstetrician
   * Anaesthesiologist
   * Pediatrician

Note: The above package rate must be paid before expected delivery date and at least thirty six
(36) weeks into the pregnancy.

The equivalent Philhealth amount will be computed and deducted after discharge assuming that
there are no additional items consumed.

St. Luke's Medical Center
Rizal Drive Corner 5th Avenue & 32nd Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632)789-7700


  1. sis di you really get this amount upon discharge? o tumaas pa ung bill?

    1. We actually, paid less than the package amount since there were no complications encountered during the delivery. All unused meds and supplies were also deducted from the bill. Philhealth was also deducted. You may want to contact them directly as there may be changes in their package as this was done last June 2012.